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Morphemic repetition.

Depending on the role they play in constructing words, morphemes are subdivided into roots and affixes. Accordingly, the proximate recurrence of morphemes in the text can be classed into affix  repetitions and root repetitions.

Affix repetitions. Any affix ( suffix or prefix) renders the most general semantic component of the lexical meaning. Repetition foregrounds the semantic aspect of affixes and correlates  the  lexical  meanings of words that contain them.  Affix reiteration preserves the lexico-grammatical identity of correlated words (they belong to the same part of speech) and establishes parallelism on phoneme and seme levels,

Consider the following case of affix repetition:

Thus let me live unseen, unknown,

Thus unlamented let me die.(Pope)

Root repetition differs from affix repetition in that the lexico-grammatical identity is withdrawn:  words with the  repeated  roots either belong  to different parts of speech or to different word classes within the same part of speech: My girl, I appoint with you an appointment. (Whitman)

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