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Logical - semantic classification of parallel words and patterns.

With regard to the logical-semantic arrangement of the literary text parallel words and patterns can bring forth the following main types: analogy, antithesis, gradation.

Analogy is a form of thought in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, both things being different on the whole.

Antithesis is the pitting of one idea against the other in reiterated syntactic constructions to emphasize a contrast.

Gradation is an arrangement of parallel words or statements in ascending or descending order of importance, intensity, etc.

The ascending order is known as climax.

S.Yu. Medvedeva distinguishes between three compositional types of climax in a simple sentence (1) The climax consists of homogeneous members without any adjuncts to them.

(2) The climax consists of homogeneous members, each member having an identical adjunct.

(3) The homogeneous members of the climax have different adjuncts each.

S. Yu. Medvedeva points out that thу main purpose of climax is to give a vivid emotional-evaluative characterization of persons. The opposite arrangement, by which the thought descends from higher to lower in an abrupt or ludicrous manner — for point, humour, or any other purpose — is called anticlimax or bathos.

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