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Noun metaphors. The difference between noun metaphors and non - noun metaphors.

Metaphor is an imaginative identification of one concept (the tenor) with another (the vehicle) and the resultant breach of normal correspondence between concepts and words. Metaphor can be embodied in all the basic parts of

speech, in nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, noun metaphors being the most complicated for analysis. Depending on the type of identification of T and V noun met. Fall into 4 main types:

(1) The tenor is linked with the vehicle by a copula (T is V). This is a direct statement in which the tenor is identified with a vehicle-predicative.

(2)The tenor is linked with the vehicle by the verbs denoting transformation (T turns into V). Sometimes a third element is involved (C makes T into V).

(3)The pointing replacement. The tenor is mentioned and then replaced by the vehicle (T that V), or vice versa (V...T). The T is mentioned and then replaced by the V with a determinative (the demonstrative or possessive pronoun or the definite article). There are also othermethods of pointing: by opposition or with the vocative.

(4) The vehicle has an attribute from which we can guess the tenor.

In non-noun metaphors, unlike in noun metaphors, the vehicle is not expressed, but its properties or actions denoted by adjectives, adverbs and verbs, are ascribed to the explicit tenor thus establishing their identification.

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