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About myself.

Hello. I would like to tell you about myself. My name is Nastya. I’m 18. I was born in Astrakhan and now I leave and study here.  My future profession is teacher of foreign languages. I learn English and French. I really enjoy it. In my free time I watch the movies, read the books or meet with my friends. My character is calm, but sometimes I can easy to fall into a sad mood. The most important part of my life is my family. And I have wonderful friends. And it makes me a really happy person.

About my friend

Hello I would to tell you about my friend. Her name is the same unusual and beautiful as she. Venera. We've been friends for five years. She’s 19. And she is study at the same university as me, but at the Faculty of Philology. she is very cheerful and friendly, with her is never boring. She has red hair and blue eyes. she is my closest friend and I very love her.

About celebrity.

There are many celebrities who I admire, but now would like to tell you about Italian actress and fashion model Monica Belucci. She was born in Città di Castello and grew up in San Giustino. By 1989, she became a fashion model in Paris and in New York City. In 1990 she made her debut in the Italian cinema. Her first works were "Life with his sons," "Bandits", "abuse". In 1996, Monica Bellucci has achieved success as an actress. For the role of Lisa in the film "Apartment" Monica was nominated for the award "Cesar" in the nomination "The budding actress." During the filming of this movie Bellucci met with French actor Vincent Cassel, with whom married. But she is divorced. Now she is 50 years old and has two children, but she still one of the most beautiful women in the world

About my family.

My family is big and happy. My mother's name is Svetlana. She is accountant.  I think that she is a very strong woman because she has three children. My father’s name is Sergey, he’s Customs Inspector. He’s very fun. And he likes hunting and fishing. My brother and sister name’s is Sasha and Kate. They are ten. And they are twins. But they are very different. Kate has blond hair, blues eyes and light skin. And Sasha has brown hair, green eyes and dark skin. And characters they have also different. Kate more calm and hardworking, and Sasha is noisy and restless. I very love my family.

About my friend’s family

My best friend’s name is Venera. She has wonderful family. Her mother’s name is Glira and father’s name is Fedor. Her mom is a businesswoman and father is a lawyer. Also she has a sister, she is 13. They very kind and cheerful people. They like me and always happy to take me  in their house.

Happy family, ideal family.

I think that a happy family when the family is complete. When there is a mother, a father and the children. In such family reigns understanding, caring, respect and love.  And all the difficulties make this family more united and happy. My family just such. And I believe that I can create my own such a family.

My working day

Usually I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Then I wash my face, brush my teeth and get dressed. For the breakfast I have the oatmeal and coffee. At 7.30 I go to the university with my mom by car. My classes start at 8,.30. the lunch is my favorite time in the university. At twenty past 3 I leave the university and go to meet with my friend. We watch a movie or walk. I really enjoy this time. At 6 o’clock I go to the home with my mom again. The trip takes an hour by car. And at 7 o’clock I’m at home. Every evenings I do my homework, read the books and watch tv series. At midnight I get a shower and go to sleep.

My day off

Since the beginning of my study, my weekend evenings are monotonous. But last Saturday was really fun. I met with my friends and we went to the cinema. At the time when we were watching a movie in the streets dropped hard snowing . we were really surprised when we saw it. But a second later we played in the snowballs and we sculpted snowman. And after we came to the caffee, where we basked, drank coffe and talked about everything. This evening was wonderful.

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