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Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

  1. The coastal location of Liverpool contributes ( has an affect) on the development of the processing industry and mountainous relief of the area ( region) near Lids makes( creates, is favorable) a great opportunities for development of the spinning industry.
  2. Despite the limited resources, gold, silver and copper, and also coal and steel industries are concentrated in the southern part of the region.
  3. The agricultural sector occupies 72% of the territory (land area) which is favorable for development of the dairy farming and sheep breeding.
  4. The importance of Cardiff rose due to the development of coal-mining and iron industries.
  5. Of food processing industries one can mention milling industry.
  6. Based on the instigation of William Hamilton, the port Milford Haven is one of the leading oil terminals of Britain.
  7. One of the largest castles in Europe with its famous leaning tower is situated in Wales.
  8. The central part of the country is thinly populated.
  9. The south-western suburbs Swansea extend into the peninsula which offers beautiful coastal scenery and sandy beaches.
  10. The bard competition Eistwood which has been held since 1946, attracts competitors from more than 30 countries the second week of July.
  11. The coastal line of Scotland is deeply indented with inlets and gulfs, the sea penetrated far inland and forms lakes.
  12. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Edinburgh is famous for its historical monuments and owe this to the great amount of tourists. 
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