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  1. The UK’s territory is 2 % of the inhabited territory of the world.
  2. The northernmost point of the UK is in latitude 60 degrees north.
  3. The prime meridian is a meridian where the longitude is calculated from. The prime meridian passes through the old Observatory in Greenwich.
  4. Of all the islands comparing the territory of the UK, Great Britain is the largest, being the 7th largest in the world.
  5. Western Scotland is fringed by numerous islands, most of them have administrative ties with the mainland.
  6. The Isle of Man and the Chanel Islands, which are lying south of England and form an archipelago  have a large measure of administrative autonomy.
  7. Great Britain is very irregularly shaped.
  8. Due to the numerous bays and inlets no point in Great Britain is as much as 75 miles.
  9. As the isles are laying on the continental shelf the seas surrounding Britain are rather shallow-less than 91 m, they provide excellent grounds for fishing and fish breeding.
  10. The proof of the continental origin of the British Isles are the remains of extinct animals. The remains of elephants prove that the Chanel was formed after the animals had reached the continent.
  11. The English Chanel is one of the most dangerous shipping routes around the world. Half of all ship collisions happens there.
  12. Britain is varied in scenery . Despite its comparatively small area the islands contain rocks of all the main geological periods.
  13. The soils in the lowland are richer than in highlands and the dry climate is better suited for farming. This explains a dense population in this part of the island.
  14. The highland contains a great number of marshy land which is operating on the climate in this part of the island and making it more humid.


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